Adrián Sada Treviño:
Vision and Perseverance

In the midst of World War II, Adrian Sada Treviño, a young Engineer, assumed the responsibility of directing what was then a fairly small business within Vitro.

58 years later, that young entrepreneur, Don Adrian, as we call fondly call him, is about to receive one of the most important environment conservation awards in the world: The Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award.  

This recognition is given to that single person who best promotes environmental education, the conservation of the natural resources and ethical sportsmanship around the world.

The award, who this year will be handed out to Don Adrian by George Bush Sr., is given each year by the Weatherby Foundation. Its members, prominent leaders  and businessmen of various countries, choose the winner from a pool of candidates.

Don Adrian’s perseverance and his personal way of seeing things, translated into actions and concrete achievements, made the Weatherby Foundation rethink its priorities and philosophy, choosing conservation and educational merits over simple sportsmanship.

For Don Adrian, family values, work ethic and education have always been a top priority.

In every activity that he undertakes, he has proven to be a restless entrepreneur with a long-range vision that, which by practicing what he preaches has left a deep mark in everyone that has had the opportunity of knowing and working with him.

Now 81 years old, Don Adrian keeps being the persistent and humble man that he has always been. been dedicated in body and soul to his family, to his work and to the conservation of the environment.

His evident concern for his hometown, his country and to the world as a whole, has made him get involved not only with environmental activism, but also with quality, personal safety, health and human development issues in general.

His clear interest in technology and the promotion of people´s education was recognized in December of 1998, when the one of the most important centers for technical training which is part of the National Council for Public Education (CONALEP) in Monterrey, changed its name to Plantel Ing. Adrian Sada Treviño.

Don Adrian’s passion for quality, in every sense of the word, inspired our Quality Assurance Model: the Adrian Sada Treviño (AST) Quality Model, whose objective is to promote total quality in each and every one of Vitro’s Business Units, as well as environment and industrial safety issues.

Don Adrian it is a visionary man who transformed a small glass factory into a world class company: Vitro, where he now acts as Honorary Chairman of the Board.

OVIS  (Organización Vida Silvestre, A.C.)

One of the organizations which Don Adrian has transformed his  ideas into actions is Organización Vida Silvestre (OVIS), which stands for wildlife organization in english.

OVIS is a nonprofit organization based in Monterrey, Mexico, dedicated to protecting wildlife and creating scientific research programs for the conservation and management of ecosystems, as well as promoting sustainable development by means of environmental education and community development projects.

A very important part of OVIS’s activities has been the development of permanent conservation programs and wild flora and fauna scientific research projects.

Some of OVIS’s permanent conservation programs are:

1.- The Los Ebanos Reserve in Matamoros Tamaulipas, Mexico.

2.- The Bighorned Sheep (Ovis canadensis weemsi) Recovery Program and El Carmen Island Conservation Program of flora and fauna in the Baja California Peninsula, in Mexico.

3.- El Plomito Reserve’s Vegetation Reproduction Program in Sonora, México.

4.- The Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) Recovery Program at La Mesa Reserve, in Nuevo Leon, México.

Among the current research projects are:

1.- The Bats of El Carmen Island, at Baja California Sur, Mexico.

2.-The Repopulation of the whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus texanus) at La Mesa Reserve, at Nuevo Leon, México.

3.- The Populations and Habitats of Amphibians and Reptiles of the Loreto Bay National Park Islands at Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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